A Reason to Stay

by Bet Your Life

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released December 7, 2018

All music arranged and performed by Bet Your Life
Produced, engineered & mixed by Jimi James at The Vault
Mastered By Matt Dyer and Greg Hatchette
Album artwork by Dave Schultz


all rights reserved



Bet Your Life London, Ontario

Bet Your Life, an independent punk rock band based out of London Ontario, reared its ugly head in the early spring of 2011. Known for their catchy choruses and in-your-face vocal styling, the members of Bet Your Life have been writing and performing original music together for approximately eight years. ... more

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Track Name: Boss Fight
No rest for your enemies
And no sleep for me
When you know you're wrong
And you know you're out of there.

But your pain is art
And your art is everything
So was it worth all you burned
Getting there?

Look how far that I can run
When I don't carry your loaded gun.
Oh, now I'm gone.
I don't mean to deflect fault
But I couldn't hope to bear it all
While you always wind back from dawn.

Your stories turn to reruns
With villains abound.
It's all dead, recycled, echoed sound.
But your pain is art
And your art is everything
So I'll just wait until it turns on me.

One more for the defense,
One note on the tiny violin,
Villify disagreement,
One note, one empty head,
Two more for the safeguard,
Two notes on the tiny violin,
We're all nodding our heads.
We're all nodding our heads.
Track Name: Rural Juror
Here's what we fell for
Here's how the stories always end
Without conclusion
With looser ends than we thought
We had started with
You know we'll try it again
When the pain of fucking up
Is faded by years of pretending
We never did
When the thrill of risk inflated this emptiness

When getting what you want
Is leaving out all that you need
It comes for free
And getting what you need
Is always gonna make you bleed

It's hard to let go
When burning brands melt to your palms
How can you say no
And walk away from it?
Here's what I'll never say
Here's what's always stuck in my throat
I used to mean it every day
Symbolic scars are nothing if not vaguely tiring
When the sun goes around
And it's still the same routines again

Everybody knows
It comes and then it goes
The high and the lows
My pride and my shame
The fault and the blame
Everybody knows
Everybody knows
Track Name: The Flywheel vs. The Doom Loop
Here we go again:
Around and around and around
Going nowhere fast.
Never slowing down, never slowing down
Always on the mend.
Tiptoeing over glass, I bleed
My feet burn in the sand.
I should have seen it coming.
I'm the king of the second chance.

Here we go again.
We like to pretend we had a good relationship
Built over time
But over time the storm got worse
The seas grew rough.
And the ship went down
With no lifeboats
And plenty of blame to pass around.

Here we go again
And this time it's no different from the last ten times
The game changed, the scales tipped
The kettle is screaming out for some relief
And my throat is sore, my head is numb
My eyes see red, finally my lungs explode
We should have seen it coming
But we didn't, so...
Track Name: Oceans
You came out slinging mud
With lips exactly as loose as we expected.
You're sinking along with us.
It's so aptly nautical.
Look what you Gave
And what you thought you were owed:
No Quarter for all of it.

Oceans of wrecks in a world of cliche.

You've got your audience,
You've got your choir
To which you evangelize
Dressed-up adversity.
But you are no Abraham
And you are no Gregory.
Your blood is counterfeit
And you're lying through your teeth.

Oceans of wrecks in a world of cliche.
Mountains of mess; I still don't regret the day.

This means more to me than anything you think,
Or anyone you string, or any high you take.
This means more to me than anything you know,
Or anything you claimed to sacrifice all for the show.
This means more to me than anything you know.

You've got us figured out.
Looks like you saw right through the smoke and mirrors,
Blindfolds and sleights-of-hand.
Now we all just move ahead
Passive aggressive.
So let's pretend this never happened.

Oceans of wrecks in a world of cliche.
Mountains of mess; I still don't regret the day.
Friendships mean more than alcohol and weed.
Track Name: Is Your Death Ray Even Peer-Reviewed?
There must be something in the air.
There must be something in the way
It burns right to the bone.
We're walking skeletons in here
When just a minute's passed
Since we were fully fleshed
And breathing out.
Or was it just something you said?

We'd welcome in the wind
If we knew it wouldn't spread the flames
That you'd been spitting out.
So we smother them ourselves
And apologize for slights on you
While wringing out our necks.

It's always just something you said.
It's always just...

Something you shouldn't have but did anyway
When you find yourself on the ugly side
You'll light it up and cry innocent
When the world explodes
You're the only one left holding a match
Express regret
Just to set it up and knock it down again
When one finds himself on the ugly side of you.

You'll never justify the means
No matter when the ends could be
There is no amount of mulling it over
That could create a dryer bleed.

The elevator's dropping more than me
When there's nothing left for or me to say
Can I get myself home from this place?
I'd rather leave it all there but you're bringing it home.
Track Name: Getting out of the Pigeon Game
You told me that you'd found a reason to stay.
The search was pointless anyway.
And here I was wishing I had still had mine
As I had said right from the start.

I'll let it hold me down, keep me unsteady.
I'm feeling selfish now when I've got plenty.
I'll hold a little more because it might be ending.
It was everything to me, but not anymore.

It's over and I'm regretting nothing.
It's over and I'm moving on.

When I told you that you had to leave
The room turned to black and grey.
I watched it all drain from your eyes.
I broke when you begged to stay.

Well, I carry that with me.
I carry everything with me.

It's over and I'm sure of nothing.
It's over but I am moving on.

I watched you leave through the side door.
You took everything and drove to Kingston.
Don't get me wrong: this is how it was meant to be.
I just didn't think that I'd carry that with me.